“Why MLM Companies Must Have Their Simple Online Marketing System!”

There are many distractions once members go on online and there are many bells and whistle marketing company with compelling videos that will distract the members with offers of a superb marketing system that will help them get leads!

Once these members get into the programs the company will offer them their own mlm program and compensation rewards for promoting this program!

They do it very subtly with the promise of providing them effective tools to help them promote their primary business and it all started with a lie that it is a one-time payment, no monthly payments.

But once they bite the bait and gotten in, they will entice them with a monthly subscription usually ranging from about US$50 and this is what is popularly known as an upsell. And once they got into this program, they will upsell them to a program that cost three times or six times more!

To prevent such a distraction, it is only wise to have a simple online marketing system for the members with a capture page, and follow up emails to promote the business which a few network marketing companies are doing.

You got to keep up with the times and now with so many online marketing systems out there that will distract the members, it is only wise to have your own simple online marketing system that members can use to capture leads and do the follow ups.

The cold hard truth about internet marketing is that there are too many companies deceiving people that the trust level has hit rock bottom and it has gone back to the basics of giving great value, building trust and relationship.

There are many companies offering their super lead capturing system, do your due diligence and always remember a company is only as strong as the people behind it. Do not work with strangers, find out who are the people behind such companies, they all claim to be marketing experts, do a google search on the people behind the system before joining the program.

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Bruce Seah
Asia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach

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