“How To Use Facebook To Promote Your Business – A Beginners Course!”

I will be conducting two courses in Singapore. Choose 5th December, Monday or 17th December, Saturday. 9.00 am to 5.30 pm. Includes training materials, lunch and two tea breaks. Please bring your wi-fi enabled laptop for hands-on training. Wi-fi will be provided. Bring a notebook and a pen. Bonus: Free Access to 25 Online E-Courses…
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“How To Make Money While You Sleep!”

Yes you can learn how to make money while you sleep - A 7-step plan for you to own a global online business right now! You can do it now by following the 7-step plan or you can attend my free 60-minute workshop, for details on the next workshop, call Bruce at 8168 2088. Hi…
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“The One Thing You Must Do!”

Before you read the beautiful poem "THE ONE THING YOU MUST DO" by Rumi, go through the acronym "YOU MUST DO!" that will help you greatly in this time of crisis. The coronavirus pandemic has brought people closer to God, we have been too busy to think about God and we think we are in…
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“Are You Clueless To What The World Is Coming To?”

Remember the Scout's Motto: "Be Prepared" If the world leaders do not get their act together, the world will be chaotic and millions will suffer! And the coronavirus pandemic is a wake-up call to the world that they haven't got their act together! There is too much evil, corruption and injustice going on in the…
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How To Stay Home And Earn Money 24/7 In 146 Countries!

Yes for as little as US$29.95 for a year, you can learn how to earn money 24/7 in 146 countries! If you want to stay home and earn money 24/7 in 146 countries, you must ask thought-provoking questions to get people to take action now! If you are a bit shy to ask thought-provoking questions,…
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“Great Lessons We Can Learn From “The Coronavirus Pandemic!” To Save Lives!”

"THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC!" is a great acronym for Think, Health, Education, Commitment, Observe, Results, Opportunities, Numbers, Attitude, Victory, Integrity, Reach, Understand, System, Plan, Ask, News, Discipline, Empower, Multiply, Innovation, Co-operation and ! - Represents Thinking Out of The Box!. Think - The coronavirus pandemic is a great wake-up call for people to think! When Dr.…
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