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“The One Thing You Must Do!”

Before you read the beautiful poem "THE ONE THING YOU MUST DO" by Rumi, go through the acronym "YOU MUST DO!" that will help you greatly in this time of crisis. The coronavirus pandemic has brought people closer to God, we have been too busy to think about God and we think we are in…
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“Great Lessons We Can Learn From “The Coronavirus Pandemic!” To Save Lives!”

"THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC!" is a great acronym for Think, Health, Education, Commitment, Observe, Results, Opportunities, Numbers, Attitude, Victory, Integrity, Reach, Understand, System, Plan, Ask, News, Discipline, Empower, Multiply, Innovation, Co-operation and ! - Represents Thinking Out of The Box!. Think - The coronavirus pandemic is a great wake-up call for people to think! When Dr.…
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“The Solution” To The Coronavirus Pandemic!

"THE SOLUTION" is a great acronym for Think, Help, Education, System, Observe, Love, Understand, Timing, Integrity, Opportunities, and Numbers. Think - Treat the causes and not just the effects. We must help the people who are affected by it, more importantly, we must at all costs contain the coronavirus and prevent it from getting out…
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