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“The One Thing You Must Do!”

Before you read the beautiful poem "THE ONE THING YOU MUST DO" by Rumi, go through the acronym "YOU MUST DO!" that will help you greatly in this time of crisis. The coronavirus pandemic has brought people closer to God, we have been too busy to think about God and we think we are in…
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“Amazing Grace!”

This report is my great testimonial of God's Amazing Grace, how God saved my life more than 14 times! Why more than 14 times? I believe God save my life many times without me even knowing it. All glory to God, he has helped me to discover my gift, it's never too late to discover…
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Discover “THE STORY!” That Has Been Told Many Billions Of Times!

There are billions of bibles and millions of churches sharing "THE STORY!" of Jesus Christ! This story through the ages has been told many billions of times! Now with the Internet the story is told 24/7 over and over again on youtube videos and millions of websites! "THE STORY!" is a great acronym for T…
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