“LOVE Has Much Greater POWER Than The Atomic Bomb!”

It is no secret how the atomic bomb works and many countries have atomic bombs but the world leaders are wise enough not to use it because of it's great destructive force that can go out of control and destroy their lives and the lives of their loved ones! That is the power of love and wisdom working on them!

The greater power that is stopping this evil is the power of love! Yes God has given love and wisdom to every human being to ensure that this world will triumph over any evil that exist.

Yes LOVE has much greater POWER than the atomic bomb! I love to use acronyms and many of my postings are related to helping people to live a better and happy life by working on a simple, proven and tested system which have benefited me greatly for over 21 years! Yes 21 years is a big chunk of my life and I am sharing it forward my knowledge and experience with you so that you can share it forward too, creating a very powerful chain reaction!

"LOVE" and "POWER" are great acronyms for Love, O - represents the Law of Cause and Effect, Visualize, Education, Purpose, Observe, Wisdom, Empower, and Responsibility.

Before I go into the acronyms, I would like to share a bit of information on how the atomic bomb works, it is public knowledge, you can google it!

"Atomic bombs use the energy released when nuclei of heavy elements split apart or fission. Uranium and plutonium are the two elements that can be used as fuel for this type of weapon. When nuclei of these atoms are struck with rapidly moving neutrons, they are broken into two nearly equal size pieces. They also release more neutrons, which split more nuclei. This is called a chain reaction. If enough atomic nuclei split they will release enough neutrons to ensure that all the nuclei of all the atoms in a sample will be split. Enormous amounts of energy are then released in a fraction of a second. This release of energy is the power behind the atomic bomb."

The key factor is the chain reaction that enables it to release great energy! Love has that powerful chain reaction too and the energy it releases is definitely more powerful than the atomic bomb, it has created over 7 billion people! When you take out love from this world, it will be a very sad place and people will be behaving like zombies without the powerful and creative energy of love that creates life and gives meaning to living!

Discover a brilliant idea that has this powerful element of love in it and that is what drives the business and gives it tremendous power, much greater than the atomic bomb and this power will help millions of people to live a better life, help make this world a better place, and help make world peace a reality!

"Nothing, not all the armies of the world an stop an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo.

This idea whose time has come is network marketing integrated with internet marketing to give you the best of both worlds, high touch and high tech!

You will be learning from me, and I have great success in this business and have been doing it for over 21 years! I know exactly how it works and that is why I confidently give a 12-month risk-free 100% money-back guarantee! The secret marketing strategy will be revealed to you when you are committed to be a leader in my team!

I share these great acronyms so that you will know where I am coming from and the great values, principles and beliefs I hold dear to my heart.

Love - Yes love is the greatest power on earth. You have heard it many times that God is Love and Love is God. Whether you believe in God or not, you will experience love like you experience gravity.

Love is all around you and it is a wonderful energy you can feel in your heart! Are you embracing love and living it? This wonderful business is all about loving, caring, sharing and giving. And I should know because I've been loving it, benefiting from it and sharing it for over 21 years!

O - Represents the Law of Cause and Effect - what you sow you shall reap - what goes around comes around in your business and your life. The essence of it is integrity.

God has made it very clear in the Bible, "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets." - Matthew 7:12. Yes do the right things and you will get the right results. And right actions come from right thinking!

Always ask yourself, are my thoughts, words and actions going to benefit others or hurt others? If the world leaders have followed this universal law, we would be enjoying world peace today!

Visualize - You must visualize to actualize your dream. You can only achieve your dream when you see it clearly happening in your mind.

The mind is very powerful, it is a goal-seeking device and when you are crystal clear on what you really want and you constantly visualize it and feel it strongly in your heart, it will start thinking of ways to help you make it a reality! All successful people consciously or subconsciously use the power of visualization to make their dreams come true!

Education - You don't know what you don't know. And what you don't know can hurt you physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin.

Education is the highest form of leverage, you learn it once and you can apply it as many times as possible to your business and your life! When you are part of my team, you can leverage on my investment of over $100,000 to learn from many successful entrepreneurs, business consultants and marketing experts such as Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Abraham and Mark Victor Hansen!

"The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

Purpose - Discover your purpose and passion in life. If you have all the money and time in the world, what would you love to do? Do you know why you are here on earth for? What is the legacy you want to leave behind? How do you want to be remembered at your funeral?

You know that you are not going to live forever, so are you making the best of the years you have left on earth? Time and tide wait for no man and if you have neglected your health, it may be later than you think. Be crystal clear on what you are living for?

Observe - I learned this great lesson from my Tai Chi Sifu, the late Grandmaster Sia, he told me that one of the ways to learn Tai Chi is to observe how the masters do it. Have you taken time to observe how the rich and successful people think and what are they doing that give them time and financial freedom?

The rich and successful people do not work for money, they have people and money working for them! Now you have a simple, proven and tested system to have people and money working for you, so what are you waiting for? Take action now and click on the replicated website link below and just do it!

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Wisdom -When God asked Solomon what he wanted most, he was wise enough to ask for wisdom! Yes with love and wisdom, you can have everything you want in life.

God has blessed me with many great mentors, coaches and enlightened masters who became great friends and they have generously shared their wisdom with me and it is the right thing for me to share it forward what I know to help as many people as possible to live a better and happy life!

Empower - If you have the opportunity to ask me heart-to-heart, what is the greatest key to being successful in this wonderful business? I would gladly answer you that it is found in this word, "Help". The more people you help, the more successful you will become and helping is giving, it is giving your time, effort and the knowledge you have gained over the years.

This is the great lesson that I share at my training sessions, "Help people and you help yourself, hurt people and you hurt yourself - this is the universal law of cause and effect at work - what you sow you shall reap - what goes around comes around in your business and your life.

Responsibility - Yes with great power comes great responsibility and I pray every day for world leaders to have the wisdom to do the right things to help all people live a better and happy life, help make this world a better place, and help make world peace a reality.

This wonderful business is driven by leaders and leaders have the responsibility to do the right things and to lead by example. Take responsibility for the results in your business and your life. Every morning when you wake up and before you sleep, look at the person in the mirror and sincerely ask this important question, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the cause of it all?"

I look forward to hearing from you. Yes you are only a click or call away from living a better and happy life! Click on my replicated website link below or call me to get started on the journey to a better and happy life!

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Love, Learn, Leverage and Live Your Dream!

Bruce Seah
Asia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach

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