“Life is SHORT, Are You Making The BEST Out Of It?”

Yes life is short when you understand that most people do not live past 80 years and if they did and in good health, they are considered the lucky ones and probably have taken responsibility for their health by eating right and exercising regularly.

Yes death is certain and the time of death is very uncertain, isn't it? We often hear sad news of relatives and friends who died at a young age because of these degenerating diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and diabetes.

I love to use acronyms and I am sure by reading these acronyms, they will make a positive difference to your life. I will touch briefly on these acronym and will share much more at my training sessions and YES! Seminar.

"SHORT" and "BEST" are great acronyms for Service, Help, Observe, Responsibility, Think, and Be, Education, System and Time.

Service - Great service to many people is the way to greatness. Network marketing gives you the opportunity to do that, I should know because I've been doing it for over 21 years and have written three best-selling books on it!

Help - Yes "Help" is the magic word to happiness, good health, prosperity and peace of mind. Helping is caring, sharing and giving and giving is living. The more you help people to live a better and happy life, the more you will find that life is fulfilling and meaningful for you!

Observe - I learned this great lesson from my Tai Chi Sifu, Grandmaster Sia, he told me that one of the ways to learn Tai Chi is to observe how the masters do it. If you have taken time to observe the rich and successful, many of them do not work for money, they have people and money working for them! 21 years ago I have discovered a simple, proven and tested system that gives you the opportunity to have people and money working for you!

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Responsibility - You must take responsibility for the results in your business and your life. If you justify, lay blame and make excuses, you are letting people and circumstances be in charge of your life! For things to change, first you must change, got it?

Think - "You are what you think." - Buddha. You are where you are today it is because of your thoughts, words and actions. If you want to live a better life, you must think better, speak better and do better, don't you agree?

Be - Before you can have, you must do and before you do, you must be the right person who will do the right actions to create the right results! It is very important that you be the best you can be, I can talk about this for one full day!

Education - You don't know what you don't know. And what you don't know can hurt you physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually! "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin. "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

System - Yes, for most people, probably they are struggling in life because they don't know there is a simple, proven and tested system for them to have more money and more time to live their dreams! Or they could be living in ignorance because they shut their minds from a great opportunity! "There are none so blind as those who would not see." - Helen Keller

Time - Yes time and tide wait for no man. If you have neglected your health, it may be later than you think! Heart attacks, strokes and diabetes can be prevented with the right lifestyle. "Prevent the preventable and delay the inevitable." - Dr Darryl Chew
There are only so many hours in a day, you can choose to work hard or choose to work smart, the choice is yours!

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Bruce Seah
Asia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach


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