“How To Make Your First Million in Network Marketing!”

To make your first million in network marketing, you must be wise enough to learn form those who made their first million in network marketing!

You must learn what to do and what not to do. You must avoid the seven deadly sins of network marketing.

If you are a loving, caring, sharing, giving and forgiving person, you are half way to being successful. The other half is to join the right company at the righ time and do the right thing.

Every network marketer must avoid these seven deadly sins like the plague, these seven deadly sins have destroyed millions of dreams!

These seven deadly sins have caused millions of network marketers to end up with broken dreams, broken relalionship and broken bank accounts!

Here are the seven deadly sins:

1. Management not listening to field leaders who are in the trenches and know the business like the palm of their hand. Leaders are smart, they care about the company and want the company to grow and prosper, they give honest feedback to the management to help the company.

2. Management's lack of integrity by changing the compensation plan drastically to the disadvantge of the members, this is very disruptive and will cause leaders to leave the company. This business is driven by leaders and when leaders leave, the sales will plummet and word will get around that the company lacks integrity.

3. Management grows greedy or do unethical things such as taking away bonuses or diluting the products and changing the formulas to reduce costs of manufacturing them. For example, acai berries cost more than grapes, they may reduce the acai berries and increase the grapes content in their products.

4. Management not willing to keep up with the changes in the market. Things are changing rapidly with many disruptive technologies and advances. If management do not stay competitive, they will end up like Kodak and Nokia!

This business is driven by leaders and leaders are smart people, they will do their due diligence and find out if the company is staying competitive and keeping up with the changes in the market.

5. Management do not have a strong compliance department to stop the frontloading and product dumping of products which will destroy the business.

Rogue leaders will frontload their members with lots of products and will buy trolleys of products to move up the ranks. These rogue leaders will dump the products in the market at half price or way below the member's prices.

A weak compliance department is like having a weak police force, crimes will be rampant and you will not dare to walk in the streets at night!

6. Manangement not stopping the poaching and swiching lines by Rogue leaders who poached other team's members and helped members to switch lines to their advantage. Poaching and switching lines create a destructive chain reactions that will hurt thousands of members' earnings.

7. Rogues leaders deceiving people with false income claims and cure claims of products. Many rogue leaders even place advertisements for jobs and gave the job seekers a rude shock when they found that it is network marketing! Many rogue leaders are very creative in their deceptions.

Because of these seven deadly sins, the public has a very bad impression on network marketing.

Many get-rich-quick schemes, scams and money games disguised themselves as network marketing companies or adopt the network marketing compensation plan model in their money-making schemes.

"TRUTHFUL!" is a great acronym for Think, Results, Understand, Time, Help, Freedom, Universal laws, Love, and ! - Represents the Irresistible Offer!

I'll touch briefly on this acronym and will share more at my 2-Day Create Wealth System Seminar which is part of the one-year Create Wealth System Program.

If you are struggling in your network marketing business because of any or a few of the seven deadly sins, my advice is to get out as soon as possible and look for a better opportunity.

Trying to get good results from a company that is suffering from the seven deadly sins of network marketing is like trying to swim upstream!

Let me share a bit of my success story not to impress you but to impress upon you that I know exactly what I'm sharing with you.

I've made my first million in network marketing by thinking out of the box, I didn't use a cent of my own, I used my credit card, the bank's money or other people's money.

I've trained and inspired thousands in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Nigeria, USA, Hong Kong, Philippines and New Zealand.

I've written three best-selling books on network marketing, Break Free! - There Is A Better Way To Earn A Living, Why Network Marketing? and How To Be Successful in Network Marketing.

My books are all sold out. I'm looking for a good publisher to republish them and I'll donate 100% of my royalty fees to help feed hungry children and to build wells to provide clean drinking water where it is desperately needed.




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Love, Learn, Leverage and Live Your Dream!

Bruce Seah
Asia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach

P.S. Here's my million-dollar success formula, it helped me to make my first million in network marketing, "If not now, when? If not you, who? It is not how to? It is always why do??"

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