“Discover The Life-Saver Report!”

I am very grateful to God for saving my life six times! I'll share those life-challenging moments at one of my free training sessions.

I've this magnificent obsession to promote this wonderful worldwide movement, "To help all people to live a better and happy life, help make this world a better place, and help make world peace a reality." This is my calling, mission and dream! And I believe with God's help, all things are possible!

I'm writing this life-saver report for people who need that life-saver rope to save them from drowning in a financial crisis.

I was in a life-threatening situation in a boating incident, I was gung-ho and dived into the water to retrieve a pole from my friend's boat. I didn't know there were strong undercurrents, I was swept away very fast! Fortunately I saw a rope of a boat that was tied to the pier, and instinctively I grabbed that rope or else I would've been swept away and I wouldn't be writing this report!

If you need money fast and you don't have much money left to do anything else, you can leverage on this report, and depending on how hard you work, you can get out of your financial crisis fast! This report is like the rope that saved my life, share it with as many people as possible!

You can build a global business in 121 countries for a full year for as little as US$29.95 and you can generate cash flow of US$25 to US$250 or more a day depending on the packages sold at your 24/7 online store.

For best results I highly recommend you lead by example and start with a business builder package. If you can't afford a business builder package, then just choose a package you can afford, and just do it!

You'll be working with these powerful universal laws:

The Law of Cause and Effect - what you sow you shall reap - what goes around comes around in your business and your life. Share this report with as many people as possible to find a few good leaders.

Apply massive actions in the next 30 days to share this report offline over a cup of coffee or through facebook, twitter, youtube and other social media. Email this report to as many friends as possible. Do the right things and you'll get the right results.

The Law of Attraction - what you are looking for is looking for you. If you are looking for more money, more time and better health, you have attracted this report to you! You will attract what is constantly on your mind and you have a burning desire to achieve it!

The Law of Giving and Receiving - when you are sharing this report, you are giving, and when you give you will receive. You are offering people a brilliant, proven and effective system to have more money, more time and better health.

You are reminded of this wonderful law with every breath you take, when you breathe in, you must breathe out, and when you breathe out, you must breathe in. When you give, you must receive, and when you receive, you must give.

"There was a man they thought he was mad, but the more he gave, the more he had." - John Bunyan

The Law of Averages - all successful entrepreneurs and top sales people work with this law. You must do enough to get what you want, that is why it is very important in the next 30 days to share this report with as many people as possible offline and online to guarantee your success!

The Law of Multiplication - this business is driven by leaders. All you need is a few good leaders to help you build an organization of tens of thousands of people!

You can count the number of seeds in an apple but you cannot count the number of apples in the seeds. Good leaders are like the seeds in an apple.

This is a viral marketing report. When you're part of our team, you'll be given the rights to share this report and replace the replicated website links found in this report with yours. This way you can duplicate and multiply your time and effort thousands of times!

The Law of Gratitude - you get more of what you are grateful for. Say "thank you" to the person who took the time and effort to share this report with you.

Be grateful that you are given a great global opportunity to have more money, more time and better health, and at the same time help millions worldwide to live a better and happy life!

So what are you waiting for? Take action, speak to the person who shared this report with you or visit the website and just do it!

I've been in this wonderful business for over 22 years and have honed it down to 3 simple steps!

Here are the 3 simple, proven and effective steps that will help you to work smart and have more money, more time and better health!

Step 1

Share this powerful viral marketing report with as many people as possible. The Law of Averages will ensure your success!

You will leverage on a brilliant, proven and effective system and a powerful replicated website just like this one:


Step 2

Leverage on our effective support system of training, seminars, webinars, special events and conventions to learn how to do this business effectively offline and online.

Step 3

Be consistent, keep on sharing this Instantly Ageless link with people who want to feel and look 10 years younger.

Yes always work with the Law of Averages to ensure your success. You must do enough to get the results you want, be consistent!


To be a successful marketer, you must understand what the market wants and always give the market what it wants.

There are over a billion baby boomers worldwide, those born between 1946 and 1964, and they want to feel and look younger!

To be successful, learn from those who are successful. I've invested over $6,000 to learn from Robert Kiyosaki, my mentor and coach!

"The market is always right." - Robert Kiyosaki

Love, Learn, Leverage and Live Your Dream!

Bruce Seah
Asia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach

P.S. Here's my million-dollar success formula, it helped me to make my first million, and I'm very sure it will help you too. "If not now, when? If not you, who? It is not how to? It is always why do??"

Yes fortune favors those who are wise, bold and fast! Get the first-mover advantage, take action, click on the link below and join now!


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