“Discover A Brilliant INVESTMENT Plan That Can Give You A Six-Figure Income Plus Peace Of Mind!”

People are looking for a brilliant investment plan that can give them very high returns but there is always the element of risk and that may affect their peace of mind!

People are willing to invest $10,000 to $100,000 or more with promises of returns from 24% to 60% or more in 2 to 4 years.

Discover a brilliant INVESTMENT plan at my 2-day YES! Seminar where you can invest $2,503 for one full year with the potential to earn US$5,000 to US$10,000 or more a month in your first year! Of course, there will always be exceptional cases where people earn US$20,000 to US$40,000 or more a month in their first year!

Let's be realistic and based on a conservative average earnings of US$5,000 a month in the first year, that is US$60,000 a year! What was the investment? It was S$2503.73 and that is for a one-year package of health supplements and skin care products that will help you feel and look 10 years younger!

So what am I talking about? I am talking about network marketing which is the world's most misunderstood business because of three factors, ignorance, bad publicity and unfair reports by journalists who do not really understand the business at all!

I love to use acronym and "INVESTMENT" is a great acronym for Integrity, Numbers, Vision, Education, System, Think, Multiply, Empowerment, Niche, and Time.

Integrity - Do the right things and you will get the right results. I love network marketing because it gives ordinary people a simple, proven and tested system to earn extraordinary lifetime passive income.

I always challenged people with this question, "Tell me what is wrong with network marketing?" Many people just couldn't give a valid answer! Usually the answer is a distorted view of network marketing. I have been doing it for over 21 years and have written three best-selling books on it!

My favorite definition of network marketing comes from, Zig Ziglar, a world renowned entrepreneur, trainer and author.

"My whole career has been built around the concept that you can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough people get what they want. Network marketing, more that any other structure I've ever seen, brings that concept into manifestation." - Zig Ziglar

If network marketing is wrong, why is it highly recommended by so many successful people such as Robert Kiyosaki, Stephen Covey and Mark Victor Hansen? It is the people who are not doing it right or those who are ignorant about network marketing or had bad experience with it, and the ignorant journalists who are not presenting the truth, all these people have created a bad image of network marketing! To make matters worse, many get-rich-quick scams disguised themselves as network marketing companies!

In any industry there are black sheep but that doesn't mean the industry is bad, isn't it? There are many cases where lawyers and accountants ran away with their clients' money but that doesn't mean all lawyers and accountants cannot be trusted, isn't it?

I think network marketing is the best investment and over 50 people in Jeunesse have proven that, they started with $2,000 or less and in 1 to 4 years, they are earning US$100,000 or more a month in passive income! Tell me which investment plan that you can start with a few thousands and generate a return of US$100,000 or more a month in 1 to 4 years?

I would say that network marketing is an active investment plan that requires a very small investment plus consistent investment in time and effort, and in 1 to 4 years, you can generate a very high return that beats many other forms of investment.

You enjoy peace of mind because there is practically no risk at all, your investment is for a package of health supplements and skin care products that will help you feel and look 10 years younger! There is great value in that package and you are given a turnkey global business system for one full year! I will cover more on this at my 2-day YES! seminar.

Numbers - Network marketing is very attractive to those who understand that there is only 24 hours in a day, and as long as they are in a job, they are in a time trap and they have already sold 8 to 12 hours of their day to their boss! Network marketing is for those who appreciate the wonderful idea of leveraging their time and effort on thousands of people and thousands of hours in a day!

Vision - One of the major reasons for people not being in network marketing is having a closed mind, they are not able to see the bright future of a network marketing business that can give them more money and more time to live their dreams. They are blinded by their beliefs, stories and perceptions! Of course, we must respect that network marketing is not for everyone, just like being a doctor, lawyer or accountant, different strokes for different folks!

Education - You don't know what you don't know. Many professionals shunned network marketing because they just don't understand how it works or they have certain limiting beliefs about it, and surprisingly, many of them fall for get-rich-quick schemes that promised them easy and quick money with little effort! Now with the Internet, you cannot claim ignorance of what is network marketing and why it is highly recommended by thousands of successful entrepreneurs and marketing experts!

System - Network marketing offers you a simple, proven and tested system to have more money and more time to live your dreams! And the best part is that it has been proven and tested for over 60 years! Network marketing has evolved, now with the integration of internet marketing, you have the best of both worlds, high touch and high tech!

Think - Network marketing has been highly recommended by millionaires and billionaires! There are thousands of network marketing companies worldwide and hundreds of books have been written on it! It has been recognized as a legitimate form of business that cost a fraction of what it cost to start a franchise business. It gives ordinary people an opportunity to start a business of their own!

Multiply - It gives you a simple, proven and tested system to multiply your time and effort! It gives you the opportunity to do what the rich and successful people are doing, having people and money working for them! You are working on a more powerful business model, because the people in your organisation are not working for you, they are working for themselves and using their money to build their business, and because of the system and brilliant compensation plan, you enjoy a piece of the cake!

Empowerment - You can only be successful when you help many people to be successful, it is a wonderful business model based on a win-win strategy! You don't have to be very smart, to be successful, just be smart enough to join the right company at the right time and work with the right leaders!

Niche - If you have all the money and time in the world, what would you love to do? Network marketing is a wonderful means to whatever you want to achieve. It is a wonderful stepping stone towards whatever you want in life. Even if you move on to other businesses after doing network marketing, you would have become a better person because of the personal development training that is made available to everyone who is serious about building the business.

Time - It is not how much you earn, it is how well you live. It is a sad reality that many successful people who earn lots of money had sacrificed too much of their time for their careers or businesses and neglected their loved ones.

There was a very popular business survey for top executives, almost all of the executives regretted spending too much time at the office and wished they had spent more time with their families. Many of the executives regretted that they don't get to see their children grow up and when they wanted to catch up with their parents, they were no longer around anymore!

I have even written a song to make people aware of the precious times they could have spent with their loved ones, but they didn't, the title of the song is "Memories Can Hurt So Much." I have posted it on youtube!

By being part of my team, you get to leverage on 21 years of network marketing knowledge and experience worth millions of dollars and my investment of over $100,000 to learn from many successful people. I will be sharing the great lessons I've learned at my training sessions and my YES! Seminar.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." - Lao Tze
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When you are registering online, take note of these three things.

1. Bank details. You can submit your bank details later at your website back office, you don't have to do it now.

2. SSN stands for Social Security Number for US Citizens. Other countries, key in your passport number or identity card number.

3. Co-applicant is optional. You can key in your spouse name and identity card number. It is free when you do it now. If you do it later, there is a US$25 processing fee.

Optional One-Time Offer Packages, you get the opportunity to enjoy bulk discount when you order any package, this is the only time you get the chance to order at below wholesale prices.

If you consider yourself a part-timer, and just want to earn a few hundred dollars a month, then choose the Basic Package.

If you consider yourself a business builder and you want to earn a five-figure or six-figure monthly passive income, then choose the Business Builder Package, it will help you earn more in a shorter time!

I highly recommend the one-year Jumbo package for those who are serious about building the business and getting the best value out of the packages!

Love, Learn, Leverage and Live Your Dream!

Bruce Seah
Asia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach


P.S. Here is my million-dollar success formula,
it has helped me to make my first million! "If not now, when?
If not you, who? It is not how to? It is always why do?!"

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