“30 Ways To Get Visitors To Your Website!”

30 Ways To Get Visitors To Your Website:

1. Word-of-Mouth
2. Name Cards
3. Flyer/Brochures
4. Notice/Advertisement Boards
5. Telephone Calls
6. Classified Ads
7. Online Classified Ads
8. Submit Articles
9. Participate in Forums
10. Get leads on YouTube
11. Get leads on MySpace
12. Get leads on Facebook
13. Ebooks
14. E-Reports
15. Joint Ventures/Strategic Alliances
16. Banners
17. Exchange Links
18. Blogs
19. E-mail Marketing
20. Viral Marketing, e-mail, e-book, e-report
21. Events, exhibitions, conventions, seminars
22. Audio Interviews on Internet.
23. Radio Interviews
24. TV Interviews
25. Press Interviews
26. Free talks
27. Self Publish A Book
28. Create an Audio CD or DVD
29. Radio and Newspaper Advertisements
30. Direct Mail or Flyers to Mail Box

Can you think of other ways? Let me know! Email me at bruceseah@gmail.com

Copyrighted by Bruce Seah @ 2008 Worldwide Rights Reserved.

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