The BLUEPRINT For MLM Success For All Network Marketers!

This report is my gift to all network marketers in the world. Yes you don't have to be part of my team to benefit from my 21 years of network marketing knowledge and experience. This blog is my life work and by visiting this blog daily and reading over 150 postings, you will gather enough success tips to help you do well in network marketing.

I love network marketing and this blog is my life work! MLM means a lot to me, it stands for Make Life Meaningful, Make Lots of Money, and Make Love More!

"It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself." - Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

"If a man practices doing things for other people until it becomes so much a habit that he is unconscious of it, all the good forces of the universe line up behind him and whatever he undertakes to do." - Bruce Barton, 1927

Here is my favorite definition of network marketing by Zig Ziglar, world renowned trainer and author:

"My whole career has been built around the concept that you can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough people get what they want. Network marketing, more than any other structure I've ever seen, brings that concept into manifestation."

What I am sharing with you is based on 21 years of network marketing experience, from the knowledge gathered at many international conventions, great lessons I've learned from top network marketers who earned a good six-figure monthly passive income! These top network marketers were very generous with their knowledge and experience, and this is my way of sharing it forward and making a positive difference to this wonderful industry that is helping millions of people worldwide to live a better and happy life!

I hope when you are a successful network marketer too, you will be generous with your knowledge and experience and support this wonderful worldwide movement, "To help all people live a better and happy life, help make this world a better place, and help make world peace a reality." Yes together we can make this world a better place!

I love to use acronyms and "BLUEPRINT" is a great acronym for Be, Leverage, Understand, Empower, Purpose, Results, Integrity, Numbers and Timing.

By reading this acronym you will get to know me better, the principles, values and beliefs I hold dear to my heart. You cannot be what you are not, and what you are is made up of the principles, values and beliefs that you hold dear to your heart!

I will touch briefly on this acronym and will share more about it at my 2-day YES! Seminar, which I have created to support Jeunesse global members worldwide. But if you are in another network marketing company, I believe wholeheartedly, you can benefit from it too when you apply the principles, values and beliefs that I will be sharing with you in this special 2-day YES! Seminar. For more information about this seminar, click here!

Be - You cannot be what you are not. What you are is made up of the principles, values and beliefs you hold dear to your heart. Network marketing is about personal development and business education. It will be very tough for you to be successful in network marketing if you have character flaws that drive people away from you! Network marketing is about trust, caring, sharing, giving and building great lifetime relationship!

Network marketing is a business of co-operation, teamwork and synergy! It is not about competing with your downlines, uplines or sidelines! It is not about doing it alone and being selfish and keeping the knowledge and experience to yourself! It is not about politics, about bad mouthing others and being negative! You must be crystal clear on what network marketing is all about and be what top network marketers should be, a person of good character with good leadership, who leads by example!

Leverage - In 1993, 21 years ago I first heard this wonderful and wise statement, probably by now it has been shared millions of times by millions of network marketers! That evening I saw the light and it made perfect sense to me, "I rather have 1% of 100 people's effort than 100% of my own." - J Paul Getty

Network marketing is also about effective communication. If you can communicate effectively the idea of leveraging and working smart, you will do very well in the business. Yes why work hard when you can work smart? Why depend on yourself and 24 hours in a day when you can leverage on thousands of people and thousands of hours in a day? Why not leverage on a brilliant, proven and tested system to have more money and more time to live your dream?

You must leverage on true inspiring stories. You will get to know many great stories at the conventions where leaders will share their success stories of what they went through to achieve their dreams! Master the skill of telling stories, all successful network marketers are great story tellers!

Understand - You must understand deeper and achieve realization to be powerful. Knowing is not understanding, most people know about network marketing but they don't really understand it or realize its great power! That is why it is critical to "Plug yourself and your team into the support system of training, seminars, webinars, special events and conventions." All top network marketers will advise you to do that!

When you and your team attend the training, seminars, webinars, special events and conventions, you will have clarity, understanding and realization of the power of network marketing. You and your team will be inspired to do the right things to get the right results.

Empower - I have shared it many times that if people asked me what is the most important lesson I've learned over 21 years in network marketing, I will give the answer in one word, and I am giving it to you right now, "Help". The more people you help to become successful, the more successful you will become! Helping is loving, caring, sharing and giving! That is the essence of network marketing! You must understand this and do it if you want to be successful in network marketing.

Many network marketing companies have scientifically proven health supplements and skincare products that will help people to stay healthy, to feel and look 10 years younger! Yes health is your greatest wealth. If you can help millions of people worldwide to stay healthy, make more money and live a better life, why not do it?

Here is the trillion-dollar question, "Why treat the effects and not the causes?" You empower people by educating them that it is only wise to treat the causes and not just the effects. To take responsibility for their health and to understand that prevention is so much better than cure. "Prevent the preventable and delay the inevitable." - Dr Darryl Chew

Yes you can stay healthy with the right lifestyle. Here is a little sharing on staying healthy, I called it the SEEDS of life. Sleep well, have enough rest, your body needs it to repair, restore and regenerate. Eat well, you are what you eat, eat the right foods. Exercise well, do some form of regular exercise, such as Tai Chi, Gi Gong, Yoga, a bit of workout at the gym or gardening! Do it daily or at least three times a week. Drink well, drink purified water, because from the reservoir to you, the tap water is contaminated in many ways! Supplement well, your body needs essential vitamins, minerals and other micro nutrients it needs to function well, it is obvious you cannot get it all from the foods you are eating every day!

Hospitals are flooded with patients because medical practitioners worldwide are trained to treat the effects and not the causes. When you just treat the effects and not the causes, you are no better than a grass cutter who knows that when he cuts the grass, they will grow again and he has to cut the grass again and again!

Purpose - Here is my million-dollar success formula, it has helped me to make my first million in network marketing, "If not now, when? If not you, who? It is not how to? It is always why do?!"

What makes you join the business? What is your purpose? Do you want to have more money and more time to live your dream? Do you want to give your family a bright future and send your children to the best schools? Or you just want to break free from a boring, stifling and life-draining job? Or you just want to have a Plan B, a safety net in the event you are fired or retrenched?

If you have a Big Dream, a Burning Desire, the Integrity to work on a definite plan of action, you will be very successful in network marketing - I can guarantee it!

Results - Do the right things to get the right results. Everything is cause and effect. If you are not happy with the results in your business and your life, then you must change the causes that are causing them, isn't it? The results in your business and life are caused by thoughts, words and actions! Where do your words and actions come from? They started from your mind! That is why it is very important to work on your being, what are the principle, values and beliefs you hold dear to your heart?

To be successful, you must learn from those who are successful, isn't it? You must understand how successful people think, speak and act. Successful people are successful it is because of the principles, values and beliefs they hold dear to their hearts. You cannot be what you are not, you can only be what you are! Yes change your thoughts and you will change your life. It does take commitment of money, time and consistent effort to be the best you can be!

Integrity - Do the right things and you will get the right results. God has made it very clear in the Bible, "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets." - Matthew 7:12. If the world leaders have followed God's words of wisdom, we would be enjoying world peace today!

"Integrity is the essence of everything." - Buckminster Fuller. It is the foundation of your business and your life. You must take responsibility for the results in your business and your life. Every morning when you wake up and before you sleep, look at the person in the mirror and ask this very important question, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the cause of it all?"

Word do get around, now with the Internet, the whole world gets to know about it. It is only wise to do the right things.

Numbers - This business is driven by leaders. All you need is a few good leaders to build a strong organization of tens of thousands of people! Yes you can count the number of seeds in an apple, but you cannot count the number of apples in the seeds!

Never underestimate the power of multiplication! You are a walking miracle of the power of multiplication. It takes the sperm from your father and the egg from your mother to form the zygote, the first stem cell which is you at cellular level! It multiplied to many different stem cells that form different organs which supports various intelligent and sophisticated systems in your body! You are made up of over 60 trillion cells! And it all started from the union of two cells, the sperm and the egg!

You were born a winner! Out of over 300 million sperms, you were the first to reach the egg! Yes you won the race of life and you ran against great odds of over 300 million to one to be here on earth! You are very special and priceless! Do you know that even with trillions of dollars, men with all its resources and latest technology, can never create a walking miracle just like you!

I believe your life is a great gift from God and you are here for a great purpose, to support, contribute and help make this world a better place. That is why the 2-day YES! seminar is part of this wonderful worldwide movement, "To help all people live a better and happy life, help make this world a better place, and help make world peace a reality."

I invite you to support and contribute to this movement in any way you can. A good way to start is to show a little kindness every day, it will go a long way and multiply a hundred fold, more importantly, it will make your day a meaningful and fulfilling one!

Timing - You don't have to be very smart to make your first million in network marketing, just be smart enough to join the right company at the right time. Timing is everything and two critical factors will ensure your success, joining the right company and doing the right things.

If you are with the wrong company right now, don't be too hard on yourself, you don't know what you don't know, and many top network marketers have to go through a few companies and some of them, as many as ten or more to find the right company!

If right now you are with a company that lacks integrity and doing the wrong things, my good advice to you is to get out as soon as possible! Working with the wrong company is like swimming upstream or driving a car with engine problem or one of its wheels being punctured, you are not going to get very far with it.

“The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise
or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.” - Ecclesiastes 9:11

You are here for a great reason and talking about the Law of Attraction, you have attracted this report to you, everything happens for a reason and timing is everything, go after your dream and just do it! I look forward to meeting you at my YES! seminar, for more information on how you can benefit from the YES! seminar, click here!

Love, Learn, Leverage and Live Your Dream!

Bruce Seah
Asia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach

P.S. This blog has taken away the common excuse, "I don't know how to do it."
You cannot claim ignorance and say you don't know how to be successful in network marketing when you can visit my blog as many times as you want and learn as much as you can. Yes life is about making the right choices, you can choose to live on your excuses, or choose to live your dream! God bless!

"The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

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