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“Discover Your “Super Power!” At My Free 2-Hour Workshop!”

Discover your "Super Power!" at my free 2-hour "Brilliant Systematic Program" workshop! Yes, this is my pay-it-forward project and you can learn how to earn $100 to $1,000 or more a day part-time! "SUPER POWER!" is a great acronym for System, Universal laws, Purpose, Education, Results, Plan, Opportunity, Wisdom, Empower, Reach and ! - Represents…
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“I Am Answerable To No One But To God Only!”

Recently I told a friend on Facebook who told me I was defensive, and I replied, "There is nothing to defend, I'm answerable to no one but to God only!" "BUT TO GOD ONLY!" is a great acronym for Believe, Understand, Think, Time, Omnipotent, God, Omniscient, Disciple, Omnipresent, New, Love, Yes and ! - Represents…
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“How To Stop The Coronavirus By Applying The X-Factor!”

The X-Factor is the wholistic approach encompassing body, mind, and spirit. "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates Ignorance can be more deadly than the virus, yes, ignorance can kill you! The world is in such a mess it's because of man's ignorance and not following God's commandments and…
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