“How To Own A Multi-Million-Dollar Business For 8 Cents A Day!”

Yes it will cost you a few million dollars to build a global business that can deliver products to over 120 countries with a powerful and effective replicated website!

If you can afford to invest 8 cents a day, that is US$29.95 a year, you can be an Associate Member with Jeunesse for one year! If you live in USA, the fee is US$49.95 and that would be about 14 cents a day!

I've invested over $10,000 to learn how to make money online and thousands of hours to discover what really works, this is the best deal that I know of!

A powerful and effective website with comprehensive features will easily cost you $10,000 or more to set up. Now you can have this website immediately in minutes, depending on how long it takes for you to fill up your information. And your investment is as little as US$29.95

So what are you waiting for? Click on the replicated website and just do it!


If you need guidance on how to register online, go to my blog and click on "How To Start".


Jeunesse is riding on three major hot trends, Ecommerce, Wellness and Beauty.

Jeunesse worldwide sales have been phenomenal! In 2010 it was US$30 million, in 2011 it grew to US$67 million, in 2012 it grew to US$126 million, in 2013 it grew to US$257 million, and in 2014 it grew to US$419 million.

Jeunesse is on track to reach US$1 billion or more by the end of 2015 and is targeting US$2 billion in 2016! Do you want to have a piece of this US$2 billion-dollar pie?

Let's get real, millions have invested $100,000 to $1,000,000 or more to start their own conventional businesses and they are willing to pay monthly rental from $5,000 to $20,000 a month! That is $60,000 to $240,000 a year just on the rental of their shop or restaurant!

Now for 8 cents of 14 cents a day you can own a global business in over 120 countries for one year and earn two linear income, 35% retail profit and New Customer Acquisiton Bonus from US$25 to US$500.

You have the opportunity to earn lifetime passive income up to US$105,000 a month in Team Commission when you invest in a business builder package of $2,000 or less and become an Executive. I know many ladies spent more than that on a branded bag or a pair of shoes!

I've invested over $100,000 to learn from many successful entrepreneurs such as Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Abraham and Mark Victor Hansen! When you are part of my team, you will be able to leverage on my knowledge and experience for free!

Speak to the person who shared this report with you and he will show you how to start the right way. He will also share with you why he is doing this business and thousands of enterprising professionals are doing it!
Click on the link below and watch the videos, and if it makes perfect sense to you, just do it!


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leornado da Vinci.

If you've always thought of starting a business, this is your best bet, if you cannot do this simple business, you can forget about doing other business that will cost you $100,000 or more to get started!

I've been doing this wonderful business for over 22 years and I've made my first million without using a cent of my own, I used my credit card! During that time my investment was much more, about $4,400 and it was my best investment!

I look forward to welcome you to the Jeunesse global family!

Love, Learn, Leverage and Live Your Dream!

Bruce Seah
Asia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach

P.S. Here is my million-dollar success formula, it helped me to make my first million, and I am very sure it will help you too! "If not now, when? If not you, who? It is not how to? It is always why do?!"

Have the courage to take the first baby step, click on the link below and just do it!


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