How To GUARANTEE You Will Be Rich

I love to use acronym and "GUARANTEE!" is a great acronym got Great, Universal laws, Associate, Results, Ask, Numbers, Team, Education, Empower and "!" - represents the Irresistible Offer!

I'll touch briefly on this acronym and will share more with you at my free workshop on 6th April 2024, Saturday, from 10.30 am to 12.00 noon at Life Research Wellness, 10 Sinaran Drive, #10-27 Novena Medical Centre, Singapore 307506.

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Great - Are you offering great value and great service? Because great value and great service to many people is the way to greatness and great wealth.

Universal laws - At my workshop and 2-Day Create Wealth System Seminar, you'll learn how to guarantee your success by working with these five powerful universal laws: The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Attraction, The Law of Giving and Receiving, The Law of Averages and The Law of Multiplication.

Associate - Who are you associating with? There is a popular saying, "Birds of a feather like to flock together." Are you mixing with Chickens, Ducks or Eagles.

In my 30 years of experience, I've identified three groups of people, The Chickens are fearful and they talk a lot and do little or nothing to achieve their dreams.

The Ducks are negative and have 101 excuses why they cannot do what millions are doing!

The Eagles are positive and doers, they are teachable and willing to do what successful people are doing.

Results - They come from your thoughts, words and actions. You want better results in your business and your life, you must think better, speak better and do better.

Ask - If you don't ask, you're not going to get it. I shared this at my other videos, I had a wonderful time dancing with many beautiful girls at the parties at my residence hall because I was willing to ask, "Can I dance with you?"

Numbers - You must be financially intelligent to understand that you have only 24 hours in a day and you can only do so much if you depend on yourself and limited resources. You want to do what the rich do, they have people and money working for them. When you build an organization of thousands in 1 to 3 years or 3 to 5 years, you'll have people and money working for you!

Team - You must work with a team of leaders to help you build and organization of thousands.

Education - "The best financial investment is in yourself, the more you learn, the more you'll earn." - Warren Buffet

How much are you willing to invest in the "goldmine" between your ears?

Empower - When you give a man a fish, you feed him only for a day, but when you teach him how to fish, he feeds himself and his family for a lifetime and he can teach others to do the same!

"!" - represents the Irresistible Offer! - It's an offer that is packed with so much value, benefits and advantages, you want to grab it now! Now you can learn how to guarantee you will be rich and how to earn US$750 a day with little or no money at my free workshop this Saturday, that's my irresistible offer to you!

A picture says a thousand works, a video says so much more, watch the short 12-minute video and just do it!

I look forward to having you at my free workshop this Saturday!

Love, Learn, Leverage and Live Your Dream!

Bruce Seah
Asia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach

P.S. To Be Rich You Must Do What The Rich Do!

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