“How To Earn $100,000 A Month In Passive Income In 1 to 3 Years!”

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." - Napoleon Hill, author of the classic "Think and Grow Rich"

This is a viral-marketing report, which means when you are part of my team, you will have the rights to use this report and change the links found in this report to yours. This way you can multiply your time and effort thousands of times because everyone in your team can use this report too.

Hi this is Bruce Seah, Asia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach, you will be leveraging on my 21 years of knowledge and experience, and more importantly, learn to do the business the right way.  I will keep this report short and simple and you must be resourceful if you want to achieve success, go to my blog regularly and learn from me, attend the training, seminars, webinars, special events and conventions to learn as much as possible, the more you learn and apply what you learn, the more you will earn!

There are over 70 people in the Jeunesse business who are earning US$100,000 or more a month in passive income and they did it in 1 to 3 years. They have a very important message for you, "Yes it is possible, and if we can do it, you can do it too!" The major variable is you! You can choose to take 1 to 3 years or 3 to 6 years, you can choose to earn $100,000 a month or $10,000 a month, it all depends on how much you are willing to commit the money, time and effort to achieve your dream, isn't it?

I will share with you the important factors that helped them achieve their results, the rest is up to you, how long you want to take, how much commitment of money, time and effort to make it happen, it all depends on you!

"Whether you think you can or you cannot, you are right." - Henry Ford.

You will be given a replicated website supported by a turnkey global business system to build your business in 120 countries. Jeunesse is at momentum stage and expanding very fast, before it was 118 countries, now 120 countries and this figure will change when we expand to more countries! Take a look at the replicated website below, click on the link and explore it, and if it makes perfect sense, then just do it!

>>> www.myworld.jeunesseglobal.com

Everyone joins as an Associate Member for a very small fee of US$49.95 for USA, for other countries, it varies especially if it is just a digital package it can be US$29.95. For a very small investment, you can build a global business for one full year!

Being an Associate Member, you can earn two linear income, the retail profit and the New Customer Acquisition Bonuse which range from US$25 to US$250.

If you are a business builder and want to earn $10,000 to $100,000 or more a month in  passive income, we highly recommend you start with a business builder package, if you can afford it, start with the one-year Jumbo Package if it is available in your country.

If you are a smart consumer or a part-timer and just thinking of earning a few hundreds a month in passive income, you can start with the Basic Package.

I have 30 FAQs at my blog which will answer most of the frequently asked questions. When you are part of my team, you will get special support from me and I plan to travel to many cities to inspire thousands to live a better and happy life! When I am in a city where you have friends, you can leverage on my time and effort to support your team in that city!

Here is the checklist of the factors that helped people to earn $100,000 or more a month in 1 to 3 years:

1. Big Dream - They are crystal clear on what they want to achieve!
2. Burning Desire - This makes them unstoppable.
3. Being a Good Leader with Integrity - Do the right things.
4. Loving, Caring, Sharing, Giving and Forgiving.
5. Willing To Commit Money, Time and Effort.
6. Commitment to Consistent Effort To Make Their Dreams Come True!
7. Clarity On How This Business Works And They Work The System.
8. Teachable and Willing To Learn From Successful Leaders
9.  Attend training, seminars, webinars, special events and conventions as many times as possible.
10. Be willing to show up because 90% of success in this business is showing up!

To get started, click on the replicated website link below and click on "Join Now"
and if you have any question, get back to the person who shared this report with you, he or she will also guide you on the online registration process.

Here are a few things to take note, bank details can be submitted later, co-applicant is optional, it can be anyone, husband and wife share the same account, so the co-applicant could be the wife or husband if the applicant is married. SSN stands for Social Security Number for USA, if you live in another country, key in your passport number or ID number.

>>> www.myworld.jeunesseglobal.com

Love, Learn, Leverage and Live Your Dream!

Bruce Seah
Asia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach

P.S. Here is my million-dollar success formula that has helped me to make my first million in this wonderful business, and I am very sure it will help you too!
"If not now, when? If not you, who? It is not how to? It is always why do?!"



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