“A Call For World Peace”

I wrote this poem, "A Call For World Peace" and emailed it to usattack@channelnewsasia.com on September 22, 2001.

That was over 14 years ago! I've just discovered it today while going through my notes in preparing for my network marketing training.

This was the email I sent to channelnewsasia:

I wrote this poem to express my love and pain and I hope and pray you'll join me in praying for world peace. Please share this poem with as many people as you can, because I believe the more people pray for world peace, the more chances we have of achieving it!

Let the greatest power on earth, which is love, prevail, grow and multiply worldwide in the time of uncertainty, fear and depression.

A Call For World Peace

Have you ever lost a loved one?
The wrenching pain and sadness in your heart.
Friends, relatives, a father, a mother, a daughter or son?
The tears, the pain, the sorrow, the lost touch.

Are we so different from each other?
Can't we see eye to eye?
Can't we see we are brothers and sisters?
Can't we see we live under the same sky?

I cried for those who died and those who lost their loved ones
Because in my lifetime I have lost loved ones too
I pray for peace for the babies and young ones
So innocent, they need their father and mother too.

As I write this poem, tears are flowing from my eyes
For I can hear those heart wrenching cries
When one hears his loved one dies
I pray and pray again for people to be wise.

I believe if we all kneel down and pray with all our hearts
There will be hope for world peace
And pray we all put an effort to stop these senseless killings and sufferings
It's time we search our hearts and do our part.

Every soldier is a father, son, husband or brother
What do you say to a little girl who has lost her father?
That he died in a war where people kill each other?
Are there no better ways than to kill each other?

As the tears dry in my eyes I feel the wisdom
Of Jesus, Buddha, Mother Teresa and Albert Schweitzer
The reverence for life and love for another
And recognize in our hearts there is only one kingdom.

The kingdom of love and peace
The kingdom of brotherhood
The kingdom where we understand and love each other
The kingdom where we recognize we are one.

If Buddha and Jesus were alive today
I'm very sure they will not approve war
I can hear them saying "Lay down your weapons and bombs now.
Repent and sin no more!"

Because war is hell
Because war is failure to understand and co-operate
Because war is destruction and killing
Because war is evil.

Even when Jesus was hung up on the cross
I remember clearly this is what he said:
"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."
Love is the greatest power, it has the power to forgive!

I pray for more wisdom
I pray for more love and compassion
I pray for more understanding and co-operation
I pray you will pray with me for world peace.

With love and prayers,

Bruce Seah

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