What I’ve Learned From A Multi-Millionaire On Network Marketing

I've invested over $100,000 to learn million-dollar lessons from many multi-millionaires such as Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins and Mark Victor Hansen.

Now you can learn what I've learned by making a very small one-time investment of less than $1,000 in a business builder package to be part of my Jeunesse Global Team.

You'll be able to leverage my 28 years of network marketing and 22 years of digital marketing experience and learn million-dollar lessons that I've invested over $100,000 to learn!

In this Take report you'll learn many million-dollar lessons on business and life that when you apply it will help you to grow rich. I'm sharing unconditionally in this viral report because you don't have to be part of my global team to learn these million-dollar lessons, they are my gifts to you to help you live a better life.

But if you want to learn more, I invite you to be part of my global team and grow rich with me.

Here are a two million-dollar lessons I learned at a dinner is from Mike Southey, a multi-millionaire network marketer from South Africa over a dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Singapore. Yes, I invited him to dinner to pick his brain and he generously shared his knowledge and experience with me.

He asked me what is the population of my country? And that time it was about 3.5 million, and he told me to target the 1% which is 35,000, and he told me that is what you need to be successful! The million-dollar lesson is to target the very successful people who can help you grow rich!

He also shared with me the Oyster Story, there was a man he was given a basket of 100 oysters and was guaranteed that there were 5 oysters with pearls. Guess what the man must do? He just have to keep on opening all the oysters to find the pearls because he doesn't know which are the ones that have pearls, isn't it? This is what you must do in network marketing, keep on sharing the great opportunity to find the 5 oysters that have pearls! It is working with the law of averages to guarantee your success, some will, some won't, next!

I was fortunate to have many successful friends who are wise and generous multi-millionaires who shared million-dollar lessons on business and life with me for free! I'm doing my part to share these million-dollar lessons at my U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. Create Wealth System (UCWS) Seminar Program worth $100,000 with my global team. I have also a full-day Create Wealth System Seminar or Webinar to help you kickstart your business.

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Love, Learn, Leverage and Live Your Dream!

Bruce Seah
Asia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach

P.S. To Be Successful, You Must Do What Successful People Do, Just Do It!

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