Share A Brilliant, Foolproof And Failproof Money-Making System To Grow Rich Now!

Money is an idea! The monetary system used by banks worldwide is an idea! It is based on the idea of taking deposits from people, reserving 10% for them to withdraw and using 90% to loan out to others at a much higher interest rate than what they are paying the depositors.

90% of the money is multiplied many times through derivatives and other creative monetary instruments that the banks and governments agreed to! The printed money you have in your hands is an idea and it can be valueless like the Banana Notes in the Japanese Occupation of Singapore when people start throwing them away and kids start playing with them when the Japanese left!

"The Other Secret" is an idea. It is network marketing or multi-level marketing and has been taking the world by storm because millions are attracted to it including thousands of professionals such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, engineers, etc.

Other authors and speakers have given their own definitions of network marketing. Robert Allen defined it as "The Enlightened Way To True Wealth." Tim Sales defined it as "Brilliant Compensation" and Robert Kiyosaki wrote two bestselling books on it, "The Business School for People Who Like Helping People" and "The Business of The 21st Century."

For clarity on how the business work, I highly recommend you read Robert Kiyosaki's books and watch the short 10-minute video to the end to have clarity on "The Other Secret". You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel for free! I've uploaded many videos to teach you how to build this simple global business.

When you keep on sharing "The Other Secret" with as many people as possible, you'll find a few good business builders who will help you build an organization of thousands!

It is brilliant because everyone wins in this wonderful global business! The preferred customer wins with excellent health supplements, skincare and haircare products at wholesale prices. The business builder wins by building a global business to help them achieve financial freedom, and the company wins by profiting from a very cost-effective distribution system!

It is foolproof because you don't have to be smart to do this simple global business, just keep on sharing a viral report or viral video or a simple 25-minute business presentation over a cup of coffee with as many people as possible. You'll learn how to do this business from many successful leaders at our training, seminars, webinars, special events and conventions.

It is failproof because it is very simple and duplicatable. Most people can afford to make a very small one-time investment of less than $1,000 in a business builder package or less than $500 in a basic package or US$49.95 for a year to be an Associate Member if you live in the USA or US$29.95 in most countries. Yes, we are in over 150 countries!

There is absolutely no risk and while doing this wonderful business, they can feel and look years younger when they use the excellent health supplements, skincare and haircare products!

It is like a "Co-operative Club" where everyone joins get to order the products at wholesale prices and when they recommend people to join, they are rewarded by a "Brilliant Compensation". It is truly "The Enlightened Way To True Wealth" because you will only grow rich when you help others to grow rich, it is win-win!

You'll be working in a wonderful business that Robert Kiyosaki called "The Business School for People Who Like Helping People." Sharing is helping, giving and loving. Just keep on sharing this viral report with as many people as possible, some will, some won't, next!

If you consider yourself a business builder and seriously want to earn $3,000 to $10,000 or more a month in passive income, click on the link below to start with any business builder package and just do it!

When you're part of my global team, you'll be given the rights to leverage this viral report and replace the above link with your link. This way everyone in your team can do exactly what you do and it will help your global business to grow exponentially.

Love, Learn, Leverage and Live Your Dream!

Bruce Seah
Asia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach

P.S. If You Want To Be Rich And Successful, You Must Do What The Rich And Successful People Do! They Grab A Great Opportunity When It Is Offered To Them And They Take Action To Live Their Dream!

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