“How To Earn $500 In 25 Minutes In Singapore!”

We live in a very skeptical world and many people are held back by their doubts and fears!

Let's get real, of course, it is not going to be every 25 minutes! In a day you may be able to set up a few 25-minute presentations. Because it is an irresistible offer, your chances of getting a person to say "Yes" ranges from 20% to 50%!

The irresistible offer is my one-year Create Wealth System Program, a wholistic program that covers personal development, health and business education, it includes the 2-Day Create Wealth System Seminar and the optional 52-week training, 2 hours a week.

Let us be conservative in our expectation, imagine you do five presentations, based on 20% success rate, one person says "Yes", you will earn $500. Five presentations of 25 minutes will be 1 hour and 25 minutes, we add in the extra time of 35 minutes to make it 2 hours, it is still worth your time and effort to earn $500 for 2 hours of work, isn't it?

If you can get one person to say "Yes" to the irresistible offer and do it for 30 days, that's $500 x 30 = $15,000 a month. Again, let's be realistic and conservative, you are very busy and you can only get one person to say "Yes" to the irresistible offer in one day and you can only do it for 10 days in a month, that's a great part-time income of $5,000, isn't it?

What if you got a 40% success rate, that will be two prospects saying "Yes", giving you $1,000 sales commission for about 2 hours work!

It is easy to present and get a "Yes" because I give a one-year risk-free 100% money-back guarantee! "If after following my step-by-step instruction, you are not able to earn at least 100% of your fee for the program, I will give you a 100% refund!"

This is a free affiliate program, which means you can start earning money without investing a cent! If you are new at it and you want a leader to present it for you, you will earn 80% of the sales commission and the leader presenting it will earn 20%.

It is win-win, you earn $400 and the leader presenting it earns $100, fair isn't it? You can learn and earn at the same time. After listening to the leader presenting it for 5 to 10 times, you should be able to present it yourself and support the new people you brought in by presenting it for them!

When you present it yourself you earn $500 and when you present it for others, you earn $100 in 25 minutes!

Many people are sick and tired of the lies, lies and more lies offline and online and that is why nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing or relationship marketing or a heart-to-heart presentation from a friend to a friend over a cup of coffee.

Hi this is Bruce Seah, Asia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach, with 25 years of network marketing and 19 years of internet marketing experience.

Network marketing has evolved. It is now more powerful with the integration of internet marketing. You get to leverage the best of both worlds, high touch and high tech.

I know network marketing like the palm of my hand and understand the soul, spirit and heart of a network marketer. I understand the challenges thy are facing every day!

I've created the Create Wealth System Program to support network marketers who are not getting the training they need or in a company that has a compensation plan that pays too little and too slow!

It is a generic one-year program on personal development, health and education. At the 2-Day Create Wealth System Seminar we do not promote any network marketing opportunity, all network marketers can attend this 2-Day seminar and stay with their network marketing companies.

I am looking for business partners and events organizers to promote this program in many countries!

I know many people fell in love with the company products but are not earning $300 to $1,000 or more a month! After the 2-Day seminar, you will definitely do better in your network marketing opportunity.

The Create Wealth System Program fill the big gap of thousands of network marketers who are not earning $300 to $1,000 or more a month. With this excellent program that offers an irresistible offer, you can earn $500 to $5,000 or more a month and you can stay with your network marketing company.

Many network marketers have this fear of having their members being poached by others! That is why at the second day on the 2-day seminar we stress the importance of having integrity and the right character.

One of the objectives of this 2-Day Create Wealth System Seminar is to raised the standard of the network marketing industry. On the first day I will cover more on the Seven Deadly Sins of Network Marketing:

1. Management of network marketing companies not listening to the field leaders who understand the market like the palm of their hand.

2. Management of network marketing companies changing the compensation plan drastically to the disadvantage of the distributors without consulting the leaders first. It is a rude shock to distributors when they found the compensation plan has been changed to their disadvantage! It is like a boss cutting down the salaries of his employees!

3. Management teams that do not have integrity and dilute the products or change the formula to reduce cost of manufacturing to earn more profits. Distributors and consumers are smart, their body intelligence will tell them that the products have been changed and they are not getting the good stuff that they were getting before.

Everything is cause and effect - what you sow you shall reap - what goes around comes around in your business and your life.

4. Management not keeping up with technology and their competitors, and will be left behind like Kodak and Nokia. Many network marketing companies are still operating on old technology and do not have a replicated website for their members!

In marketing you must keep up or stay ahead of your competitors or be left behind!

5. Rogue leaders poaching members from other organizations and encouraging members to switch lines, this is very disruptive and very negative chain effect on thousands of distributors who were earning good passive income before until these rogue leaders disrupted the organization!

6. Rogue leaders misrepresentations, deceptions and exaggerated health claims. Many rogue leaders advertise the opportunity as a job opportunity and attracted job seekers who got a rude shock when they found that it was a business opportunity presentation! Many rogue leaders exaggerated the income earnings and give cure claims on the products!

7. Rogue leaders buying up hundreds and thousands of boxes of products to move up ranks and later dump them into the market at very low prices, way below the wholesale prices. For example, the wholesale price is $100, they will dump it at $50 and there are the rogue suppliers who buy it from them and sell it for $75. This is very disruptive and cause many part-timers and preferred customers to stop buying the products and stop doing the business.

97% of the distributors are part-timers and smart consumers who just want to enjoy the products at member's prices. They are the ones that keep the business going.

It is very sad to see management and rogue leaders destroying the business because of lack of integrity and committing these seven deadly sins! Millions of network marketers have stop doing the business because of these seven deadly sins and it is every network marketer's responsibility to speak up and stand up for what is right and raise the standards in this industry!

For more information of the Create Wealth System Program, speak to the person who shared this report with you. Call 8168 2088 now!

Love, Learn, Leverage and Live Your Dream!

Bruce Seah
Asia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach

P.S. Here's my million-dollar success formula, it helped me to make my first million, "If not now, when? If not you, who? It is not how to? It is always why do??"

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