You Were Born To Win!

I wrote this poem "You Were Born To Win!" on 7 October 2005, about 19 years ago!

You Were Born To Win!

If you were to live up to 100 years how would you want your life to be?

Will you be doing the things you wanted to do and seeing the things you wanted to see?

Remember those things you've said to yourself and even told a few friends of the things you wanted to do?

Are they still alive in your heart or have you neglected them and even left them to die without a clue!

Many dreams have been left sunken to the depths of fears and doubts. Without the six good friends of Why, who, When, Where, How and What?

If you have grandchildren and they asked you why you didn't do the things you could have done? Can you look into their eyes and said you've given your best shots and did all the thing that needed to be done?

Because when you really think about it, it's really sad because there's nothing stopping you, but your fears, doubts and ignorance that's holding you back.

Fears, doubts and ignorance clear away instantly in the face of knowledge like the darkness when cleared by light. It's all about knowing and taking action and doing what is right.

So this poem is specially written for you if you are still wondering what's stopping you? And if you find this poem has given you that little push you greatly deserved and cleared away your doubts, do this poem justice by sharing it with
someone who is still hesitating and don't know when to start.

There's power in action and you don't have to know everything to start. We learned along the way and mistakes and failures are just teachers that show you there is a better way and that you must listen to your heart.

Are you doing the things you love and living your dreams? Or are you still thinking and hesitating when you know in life
there are some simple decisions such as it's either you sink or swim!

So I hope you're now very clear that there's nothing stopping you and you can truly live your dreams once you clear away your fears, ignorance and doubts. So do listen to your heart, and if you listen carefully, there is a message in that vital beating and that message is: you were born to win!

Bruce Seah
7 October 2005

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