“What Can We Do About The Coronavirus?”

Spanish Flu killed over 50 million people!

The 1918 influenza pandemic (January 1918 – December 1920; colloquially known as Spanish flu) was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic, the first of the two pandemics involving H1N1 influenza virus, with the second being the swine flu in 2009.

"The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

The doctors and scientists will agree that your first and last defense against viruses and bacteria is your immune system, so why aren't they educating the public on the importance of strengthening the immune system?

What measures are taken to provide health supplements that will strengthen the immune system to frontline workers who are more at risk to the coronavirus?

It is only wise to strengthen your soldiers if you want them to win the battle, isn't it?

Are we only treating the effects and not addressing the causes? That is the trillion-dollar question!

Are the world leaders prepared for world pandemic?

What is the X-factor that saved people who were exposed to SARS? It's their immune system!

The social media should do their social responsibility and educate the public on the importance of strengthening the immune system and what foods and health supplements to take that will strengthen their immune system!

I'm doing my part by sharing this product Transfer Factor that can help strengthen the immune system, I'm sure there are lots of foods and health supplements that can do the same.

So far I've been keeping track of social media, and the public is not educated on this? Fortunately, we have the WeChat and WhatsApp where people are taking responsibility to share what will help strengthen the immune system.

What foods and health supplements are they giving to the frontline people who are more exposed to the spread of the virus? Especially those who are working at hospitals, airports, immigration, customs, etc.

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