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Share These 11 Million-Dollar Lessons To Help Millions Live A Better Life!

When you know something good that will benefit millions, it is your moral obligation to share it with as many people as possible, isn't it? These 11 million-dollar lessons in this report are based on my 26 years of experience working with people in network marketing and my investment of over $100,000 to learn million-dollar…
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Discover How “INTEGRITY” Can Attract People And Money To You!

Yes, when it comes to giving you the best definition of integrity, you can trust God to give you that, and more importantly, it is God's great commandment! "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets." - Matthew 7:12 "INTEGRITY!"…
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“Money And You” Graduates Will Love This Money-Making Report!

If you are a "Money And You" Graduate, you'll love this money-making report! I attended "Money And You" in 1996 in Singapore at the Orchid Country Club, my trainer was Dominique Lyone, and it was truly a life-changing 4-day seminar! I highly recommend "Money And You" to you if you want a life-changing experience and…
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Share With Millions Who Are Clueless About This Secret!

This secret is how to turn your monthly expenses into monthly passive income by switching stores to buy at wholesale prices and recommending a brilliant, proven and very effective marketing system to do that! "THIS SECRET!" is a great acronym for Think, Health, Integrity, Switch, System, Education, Commitment, Reach, Empower, Teamwork, and ! - Represents…
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Share The “Millionaire Project” And Grow Rich!

The "Millionaire Project" is based on my intention to help one million people earn their first million in network marketing by passing on my 26 years of network marketing and 20 years of internet marketing knowledge and experience to as many people as possible! I will be celebrating my 63rd birthday on 28 May 2020,…
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