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Have You Heard This Amazing Story?

This amazing story has been told millions of times again and again to millions worldwide in all countries through the world's best-selling and most circulated book in the world which is the Bible! It's about God visiting earth in human form through Jesus, His Son, and anointing Him with the Holy Spirit that enabled Him…
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The Greatest Message: Follow Me!

You can trust God to give you the greatest message and the simplest instruction, "Follow me!" Yes, Jesus said "Follow Me" thirteen times in the Bible. Yes, besides sharing the great network marketing opportunity, I'm also evangelizing, sharing the Good News! When we want to follow Jesus, we must know his character and it is…
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What Life Is All About?

If you love this idea of helping people to live a better life by sharing a viral report with as many people as possible and by doing so you are helping yourself to live a better life too, read on. I don't claim to know the answers and what I know I believe are inspirations…
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