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“Life is SHORT, Are You Making The BEST Out Of It?”

Yes life is short when you understand that most people do not live past 80 years and if they did and in good health, they are considered the lucky ones and probably have taken responsibility for their health by eating right and exercising regularly. Yes death is certain and the time of death is very…
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“For $6.85 A Day You Can Live A Better And Happy Life!”

Yes for S$6.85 a day you can live a better and happy life, and I stake my 21 years of business reputation and million-dollar brand being Asia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach, on this powerful and empowering statement! Yes I have moved from success to significance, I have realized that there is more to live than…
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“Experience The Power Of An Irresistible Offer Now!”

Have you experience an irresistible offer? An offer that keeps on bugging you and asking you to grab it now or regret it forever! What is an irresistible offer? It is an offer that is packed with great value and benefits that you just can't resist it! I remembered in 1993 when I was challenged…
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“Is Landmark Forum A Cult?”

People are losing big time because of ignorance and they accuse people of being in cults when they don't understand what the others are doing! I recently attended the Landmark Forum and I know many people are asking is Landmark Forum a cult? I have been in network marketing for over 21 years and have…
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