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“Discover The 365 Degree Success Program!”

"SUCCESS PROGRAM!" is a great acronym for Service, Universal laws, Commitment, Commuciation, Education, System, Sustainability, Purpose, Reach, Opportunity, Give, Results, Attitude, Mulitply, and ! - Represents the Irresistible Offer! The 365 Degree Success Program was born in my mind at about 11.00 pm when I was having my shower on 31 December 2017! I was…
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“How To Have A Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Meaningful Life?”

"MEANINGFUL LIFE?" is a great acronym for Multiply, Education, Attitude, Numbers, Integrity, Next, Give, Financial freedom, Universal laws, Love, Leverage, Innovation, Friendship, Empower and ? - Represents asking the Right Question. I will touch briefly on this acronym, and will share more with you at the 2-Day Create Wealth System Seminar which is part of…
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“Born To Win – How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality!”

It all started from a thought, I wanted to share this meaningful and inspiring song, "Born To Win" which I had it in a cassette tape! I searched for this song at Google and Youtube, but I couldn't find it. I told myself that millions worldwide will benefit greatly from this inspiring song, so I…
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“Are You Smart Enough To Invest $1.06 A Day To Network?”

Timing is everything. If you don't have thousands of dollars to spare but you have $388 to invest in a one-year membership in a non-profit trade association and you have a great opportunity to network at a special event. And you are told that the one-year membership is going to be $1,000 after the window…
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