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“How To Break Free From The 24-Hour Time Trap!”

"I rather earn 1% off a 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts." - J Paul Getty I remembered clearly those words of wisdom from J Paul Getty in August 1993, I went home that night and I couldn't sleep well because my mind was working hard, thinking of the people I would…
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“If You’re So Smart Why Aren’t You RICH?”

This was a thought-provoking question shared with us by a top network marketer in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1997. We were having a 9-day convention and holiday reward trip in Hawaii. The chairman of our company brought the top leaders to meet his mentor and coach, a very successful network marketer. I was one of the…
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“Why It’s So Silly, Foolish and Stupid Not To Do It!”

Many people do not understand what makes an irresistible offer. All top marketers use it as many times as possible. It is an offer that is packed with so much value and benefits, the prospects will feel so silly, foolish and stupid not to grab it! Many times I'm sure you've experienced a great offer…
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“How To Have Many 24/7 Money-Making Reports Working For You!”

To hire a good copywriter to write good viral marketing reports for you, it'll cost you $10,000 or more for one report! When you're part of our team, you can leverage on many viral marketing reports written by an ex-senior copywriter with 6 years of advertising experience in his belt! Yes I was in advertising…
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